Pan Hou Village

This might be exactly what you are looking for: a lost valley. Our ecolodge Pan Hou village is hidden at the heart of the High Song Chay mountains. The Ha Giang province is the last to open to tourism and offers some of the most striking sceneries in Vietnam.
Virgin forests, natural fortress mountains sculpted into terraces, rock formations plateaus split by breathtaking canyons. These majestic landscapes shelter the largest diversity of ethnic minorities in Vietnam.
Walking, trekking, discovering sumptuous sceneries, the markets’ colorful displays, and most of all, the quality of human encounters.
Located at about sixty kilometers from the Chinese border, Pan Hou village is a base camp, the ideal location for this immersion, in comfort. It can also be a stop before continuing your drive into the upper region towards Hoang Su Phi for its terraced rice fields or its market, or to the limestone geological park of Dong Van or the Ba Be lake national parc.

Our team is at your disposal to advise you on your itinerary in the region and beyond and to put at your disposal suitable solution of transportation.

Pan Hou village will offer you to recover from your efforts of the day or your trek by relaxing in a traditional bath traditional plants. This practice has been inspired by our neighbors. You may see a large buckets when you will visit a Ma Ta Pan House. Women often use it to prepare baths to treat or relax a family member.

Our eco lodge count in a park flowered by thais gardeners 26 rooms , equipped with their private bathroom, which can accommodate up to three people. Some are connectable to accommodate families up to 6 people.

Its bar and restaurant will be at your service during all your stay to continue your discovery taste of the region with the green tea of the area and vietnamese dishes.

Our team is at your disposal to organize your stay or your exceptional event (anniversary, wedding or incentive seminar). Do not hesitate to contact us.